If you have a body, this is for you. With me, Alexa Silvaggio

So you have a body right?  We all have that privilege, and yet, most of us subscribe to the though that it's okay to berate our body, treat it kind of awfully, and well, beat it up.  This is no bueno, and has to stop ASAP. 

Why? Because our body is the only place we have to live permanently.  We came on to this planet with this body, and it will stay with us until we depart.  So let's cultivate a more loving relationship to it right now, shall we?  I've got you, I have tools for you, it starts now, so let's get INformation! 

xo Alexa 



You think you know, but you have no idea, with John Duff.

Call him what you want, just be sure you tag him.  John Carroll Duff is a living legend, he is an actor, singer, songwriter, and absolute wordsmith.  You may know him from social media, his wok on stage, or his music video that will soon be going viral (if it hasn't by the time you've listened to this).  Regardless, he drops truth bombs like it ain't no thang, and he is mighty entertaining in the process. He can't help it, he is a magnet, and I know you'll be drawn right it.  The thing you may not know is that he is a deeply spiritual human, who is a soul searcher, meditator, yogi, and seeker to no end.  You will hear about his journey (and mine) from the jungles of Mexico, to the concrete jungles of NYC, to LaLaland.  So come on, let's tune in, turn on and get INformation.  




Finding Creativity Everywhere with Jessie Barr

Wow, interviewing Jessie Barr, my homegirl, was an absolute joy.  This woman keeps it so real, does everything with such integrity, truly everything, you are going to get a ton out of this episode.  Check her out... 

Jessie is an actor & filmmaker and yoga teacher from NYC now based in LA. She is also the star and co-creator of OM CITY the critically acclaimed online series about bringing the humans of New York OM.  Jessie has been teaching yoga since 2008. Once on the track to become a professional dancer with the Washington School of Ballet she discovered the practice of yoga while attending an International Theatre Workshop in Amsterdam.

After graduating from NYU Tisch Jessie received her original Registered Yoga Teacher’s (RYT) certification from Yoga To The People in 2008 and has since studied extensively with her mentor Elena Brower including assisting her advanced training at Virayoga. 

Jessie continues her passion for studentship, studying with her teachers Elena Brower, Nikki Costello (Kula), Amy Matthews (The Breathing Project) & Abbie Galvin (Katonah Yoga). Jessie has mentored new teachers in Yoga Vida NYC's ongoing Teacher Training Program and she's trained extensively in therapeutics, kinesiology and energy work, receiving her Reiki Certification in level I & II from renowned coach and healer Brenda Villa.

Jessie's creative classes combine the fluid sequencing of a vigorous Vinyasa practice with clear, artful alignment. She is co founder of Awaken.Yoga an online yoga platform bringing accessible and affordable yoga and meditation classes to people around the world. Jessie also teaches in LA including Love. A Yoga Space  (Venice), Surya Yoga (Venice) & Yogala (Echo Park) as well as private sessions, corporate classes, workshops and retreats.

She encourages a playful approach to exploring the body and mind, and balancing energy and effort with a sense of lightness and curiosity. Her classes are designed to spark your imagination and enhance your joy!

www.JessieBarryoga.com  @jessiebarryoga

alexasilvaggio.com @alexasilvaggio 

Actor-Rebel-Entrepreneur Jordan Wiseley

I've known Mr. Wiseley for a minute now, and I have to say it's been a joy to watch him grow in a multitude of ways.  This Oklahoma boy is currently on two prime time television shows, and the CEO of his own motorcycle - lifestyle brand, Strapped MFG.  Basically, he's an absolute badass, and most definitely tuned in to his purpose.  Tune in to learn how he does it all, what his practices are, and how he defines what an epic life truly is.

@strappedmfg - @jordan_wiseley

alexasilvaggio.com @alexasilvaggio 

Creating Conscious Connection with Shannon Algeo

Shannon Algeo is a speaker, coach, and yoga:meditation teacher who has helped thousands of people around the globe tune into their life’s purpose and activate transformative personal and career growth. He is the co-founder of SoulFeed, an online media company that delivers inspiring content to over 160 countries and all 50 U.S. States, and he interviews inspirational leaders like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, and more. Shannon was named one of the “Nicest Instructors in New York City” by RateYourBurn for his work as a yoga teacher and his coaching intuition has been called a “gift to the wellbeing community.” He leads corporate mindfulness programs for companies like the global non-profit (RED) founded by Bono as well as several start up companies. In addition to giving talks for lululemon and Wanderlust, Shannon was invited to speak at the United Nations for the "Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace."