Stuck No More with Dr. Nicki Monti

Feeling a little stuck eh? In your relationship, in your business, in your life? Well as per usual, we’ve got you here on Let’s Get INformation Podcast. What a privilege to share this episode with you, INformation seekers. Dr. Nicki Monti is my personal teacher, and the way that she has impacted my life personally is exponential. Beyond. Her teachings are unparalleled dear ones, so I know you’re going to get a ton out of this extremely juicy episode.

Improving the lives of individuals daily and making a difference with as many people as possible is what drives Dr. Nicki. She is actively involved in helping individuals; groups and organizations grow, understand, confront and change their deep issues and challenges. Dr. Nicki is the experienced therapist to help you move beyond your current state, into an emotionally healthy, transformed, new self that can face difficulty in a more constructive way, outside of your old patterns so that you may have the success you crave. 

Joining Dr. Nicki in a seminar, session or event, you will see first-hand her genuine care, humor and intelligence. Through her insightful advice and encouragement, she assists your most positive emotional and life changes. 

Dr. Nicki’s successful book series about being Stuck In The Story No More, her Television appearances, her articles, and podcasts have made her into a household name. Dr. Nicki has been seen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Millionaire Matchmaker, Love Handles and many other Reality Television shows where her compassion, honesty and genuine expertise shine an instant light on circumstances and offer actual change. 

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