Off the Couch with Jamie Greene

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the absolutely brilliant Jamie Greene. Listen up glorious INformation seekers, because the wisdom is real.

Born and raised in England, Jamie has been through it all; he survived boarding school, endured disastrous relationships, excelled as an 80’s pop drummer, hobnobbed with Royalty, you name it… he’s witnessed it all.

His own experiences have helped him to empathize and assist others with extraordinary situations.

A renowned therapist and coach, he is super clear, his purpose is to generate impact in people's lives by shifting their focus, unlocking their potential and transforming how they function in the world. Are you ready to make a shift?

What you’ll learn:

The difference between therapy and coaching

The importance of being held accountable

Why talk therapy can be no bueno.

Finding your purpose, and how that’s what we are really longing for.

What it means to be truly intimate.

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