Crispy Spouts

Texture is muy importante (to me) when it comes to food.  So I thought I would offer you a new type of brussels sprout that will make you want to gobble them up on the regular.  I mean, I love them anyway, but this simple and delicious approach gives me a craving that is something serious.  Also, who has 40 minutes to wait for these bad boys in the oven? .... Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Let's break it down.... 

You will need

2 Cups brussels sprouts 

1 Cup vegetable oil (don't worry, you won't be ingesting that much)

Sea salt to taste 

Lemon zest to taste

1) Put your cup of oil in a medium sized pot and crank up the heat to a medium/high setting.  


2) While your oil is heating, cut your lovely little green gems of goodness (ahem your sprouts) in half


3) When the oil is at a low boil, mindfully, using a slated spoon if possible place the 1/2 of the sprouts in the oil and watch them brown.  It can happen pretty quick, so stay conscious.  Also, be cautious of splattering oil, it is indeed a thing, so step back while you wait.  

4) When the sprouts have lightly browned and become crispy, use your slated spoon to remove them.  Kindly place them on paper towels to remove the excess oil.  I usually dab them off a bit.  


5) Do the same routine with the other half of the sprouts.  You don't want to over crowd them in the pot, hence why we do 1/2 at a time.  

6) Once they are all crispy and glorious, add sea salt to taste, and add a zest of lemon to the top. Again, how much is up to you, but that extra little tang adds a certain something.  


Enjoy enjoy, and let me know what you think!  

All my love-

xo Alexa