Yoga is spiritual, mental, & definitely physical. Whether you are in a room full of people, in a one on one session, or by yourself, your flow is your own and that is where I come in. Yoga is a practice, your practice, but most of all it is a discipline. It is an ancient art form developed to deepen all aspects of the human connection, and facilitate a physical outlet for struggles that you may not be able to even put a name to.

You inspire me, individuality inspires me, and no two yoga practices are the same just as no two people are the same. Maybe you have never done yoga before, maybe you don’t think it is a “workout”, maybe you are recovering from an injury and looking for a way to reestablish alignment and balance in your life. Whatever direction you desire, we will discover the flow perfect for you together. I will help you to work with your body not against it, and to find compassion even when you are shaking in the midst of a pose. Work with ease, bend don't break, and you will be stronger in your resolve and in your body than you ever have before.

I have been leading yoga since 2005, being trained in vinyasa, restorative, power, and slow flow yoga. I am grateful to be an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica, The Travel Yogi by Gaiam, and Women’s Health Magazine. I lead wellness retreats all over the world as well as workshops throughout the United States. The world is getting faster, as we expand our horizon with the boundless power of digital technology. Never forget that we are analog creatures, and join me on the mat to attempt to slow down the world around us so we may be grateful for our past, aware of our present, and inspired by our future.

                                                                                                                 With infinite love and gratitude,